Company Divisions

I. Administration Office

1.1 Administrative work

  - Organize meetings, events happening at home and abroad.

  - Manage and archive official letters, papers, administrative books and seals;

 - Application of information technology in the field of management and operation of the company; manage, use and operate the information network of the company.

  - Ensure security within the Company.

  - Coordinate with functional agencies and local authorities in the work of protection and prevention of social evils and fire and explosion at the workplace.

1.2 Human Resource Management

- Advise the Board of Directors and the General Director on the development of human resources development strategy and studying human resource policy.

  - Advise and develope the organizational model of the company in accordance with the needs and development stage of the company;

  - Recruitment, training, placement, use, treatment and assessment of personnel.

 - Keep, update secret records of cadres according to regulations. Applying information technology to cadre management.

  - Implement policies and regimes for laborers according to the provisions of law.

 - Settle complaints and denunciations related to the implementation of policies on laborers.

II. Financial Accounting Department

2.1. Accounting work

 - Organization of the accounting system throughout the company.

 - Organize accounting accounts system, accounting voucher, accounting book, financial reporting system and management report in accordance with current regulations.

  - Prepare and submit financial statements for independent auditors to audit these reports.

2.2. Financial work

 - Financial planning of the company.

 - Develop a plan and determine the demand for working capital, mobilize available funds to meet the capital demand for production and business of the Company.

 - Develop and implement short, medium and long-term credit plans.

 - Develope and approve plans on changes in capital structure, assets, capital regulation between units under the company.

2.3. Credit work

 - Work out a plan for mobilizing medium, long term capital and a working capital credit plan in the forms permitted by law to mobilize capital for production and business.

 - Carry out the procedures for closing and opening accounts of the Company in accordance with the regulations on foreign exchange management of the State Bank of Vietnam.

 - Carry out negotiations, draft the credit contract of the company.

III. Technological Department

3.1. Technical Management - Construction quality

 - Design and manage projects: monitoring, checking and verifying survey designs, basic reports, technical reports, total work progress, total plan and annual progress of the projects.

 - Manage the volume and progress of projects: summing up and inspect the volume measures in the total investment amount in the total cost estimates of the projects. Regularly monitoring the implementation process till the settlement of the project;

  - Quality management: developing and submitting the quality management process of projects in strict accordance with the order of investment and regulations on quality management of works.

- Labor protection and environmental sanitation.

3.2. Application of new technologies, scientific and technological advances and technical and technological innovations: updating information on introduction of new technologies, scientific and technical advances, proposals for application to the development of new production and investment of the Company;

3.3. Technical management of technology in operation and exploitation of the project

- Urge the Consultant to set up the operating procedures of each cluster and the whole plant, verify and submit to the company's leaders for approval;

- Participate in repairing and maintaining equipment, cost of procurement of materials for repair and maintenance;

IV. Economic planning Department

4.1. Statistical planning and reporting.

- Develop the Company's production and business plan and orient the company.

- Make periodical or extraordinary reports as required by the Song Da Group, relevant ministries, agencies, the Government of Vietnam and Laos.

4.2. Bidding work

- Prepare and submit for approval the bidding plans of the projects.

- Submission of bidding dossiers and bidding results of bidding packages under decentralized projects.

- Participate in the bidding, selection of contractors, evaluation of bids according to professional functions of the department.

4.3. Economic contract work

- Lead the preparation and approval of contracts signed and implemented by the Company.

- Participate in the negotiation of BOT contracts, appendices of BOT, PPA contracts, general contractor contracts and general EPC contracts.

- Monitor the implementation and liquidation of economic contracts signed and implemented by the Company.

4.4. Estimation work

- Prepare and submit the cost estimates for regular activities of the company, cost estimates for investment preparation of projects.

- Verification of norms, unit prices, total investment, total cost estimates and cost estimates of works sent by project companies and submitted to competent authorities for approval.

4.5. Settlement

- Set up and settle the economic contracts signed and executed by the Company.

- Monitor and check the dossiers of payment value, confirming the payment value to disburse the capital borrowed and contributed by the company for the projects.

V. Representative office in Laos

- Establish relationships with central and local levels, Ministries, Departments, Agencies to find investment directions in Lao PDR and areas of activity and business lines of Company.

- Monitor and speed up the concerned agencies in Laos to consider and decide on issues that the Company proposed and submitted for approval of investment projects in Laos;

- Perform assigned or authorized tasks of the Company, directly deali with relevant agencies to negotiate and apply for import and export of machinery, equipment, materials, labor ... to serve the construction of investment projects and production, business and service activities of the Company in Lao PDR;

- Contact, arrange and coordinate effectively to organize  the meetings, conferences between the Company and other central and local agencies in Laos related to the project or activity of the company;

Collection, translation, editing and archiving of laws and legal documents of the Lao PDR relating to investment, plant construction and operation and production, services of the Company;