At 8:00PM on November 11, 2016, in Attapeu Province, Unit 2 of Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant invested by Viet Lao Power Joint Stock Company was kicked off with out loads. Parametes were proved meeting design requirements.

After successful no-load start, AH’s experts and the project’s owner are urgently preparing for commissioning work to soon sychronize it with Vietnam’s grid.

Unit 2, one of the two units of Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant has design capacity of 145MW out of total 326MW of the Xekaman 1 Hydropower complex.

Specialists of the Owner, General Contractor and Contractor AH attentively monitor the startup process without loads

When Unit 2 goes into operation, together with Unit 1 (operation on August 28, 2016) will increase the capacity of the plant to 290MW, supplying Vietnam's power grid with 1.1 billion kWh each year.

Previously, at 9:15 am on November 9, 2016, Unit 2 had completed downstream water filling and the specifications had met design requirements. After completion of the necessary conditions, water filling of Tunnel 2 began on November 10, 2016.

Working on technical specifications at no-load startup

Mr. Le Van Ton - Chairman of VLP’s BoDs and experts of the project’s owner and EPC contractor work with the AH experts on the details of the work since the completion of tunnel water filling until the operation of Unit 2

Checking the operation of the technical water supply system before performing the first run

Inspecting the drainage pump

Mr. Le Van Ton poses with the leaders of Xekaman1 Power Company Limited after inspecting the valve control system of the water intake of Unit 2 from the Central Control Room

Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant