On September 25, 2016, Rotor of Unit 2 of Xekaman 1 Hydropower Project invested by Viet Lao Power Joint Stock Company in Attepeu Province, Lao PDR was successfully installed.

Rotor of Unit 2 of Xekaman 1 Hydropower Project

Successful installation of the Rotor is one of the milestones in the plant's assembly and installation process, guaranteeing the official generation schedule of the Unit 2.

Unit 2 is one of two Units of Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant with design capacity of 145MW and annual power output of about 600 million kWh. Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant is part of Xekaman 1 Hydropower complex (with total capacity of 326MW). Under the plan, Unit 2 of the Plant will come into operation by late October, 2016, and along with Unit 1 (operational on August 28, 2016) raising the Plant’s generation capacity to 290MW, supplying roughly 1.1 billion kWh/year to Vietnam’s grid.

Soon after Rotor of Unit 2 had been in place, AH Contractor, EPC general Contractor and the Owner conducted the adjustment work to soon satisfy requirements for commissioning and integration into Vietnam’s grid.

Some photos shot at the event:

Mr. Le Van Ton – Member of Board of BoDs of Song Da Corporation cum Chairman of BoDs of Viet Lao Power Joint Stock Company poses with SOMECO leaders – Rotor contractor

Mr. Le Van Ton poses with EPC and owner’s experts

SOMECO’s technicians adjust the lift-up cable

Final check of lift-up cable

Rotor is ready for installation

Safety briefing by AH experts before Rotor installtion

AH experts pose for photo

Rotor is lifted off the supports

Moving of rotor to the pit

Employees and offcials attentively witness the rotor installation

Passing over Unit 1

Unit 2 is ready for Rotor to be fitted

Rotor is lowered to fit the place by 440 ton crane

Successfully installed

Mr. Le Van Ton witnesses sucessful restart of Unit 1 after being suspended for safe installation of Unit 2’s rotor

Mr. Le Van Ton and experts of Owner and EPC Contractor work with AH specialists on progress of Unit 2.